Pokemon Go Eighth Anniversary Extravaganza: A Detailed Celebration


Get ready to party like a Pikachu! Pokemon Go is turning eight, and they’re throwing a week-long bash from June 28th to July 3rd. Mark your calendars, trainers, because this event is packed with festive spawns, friendship bonuses, exciting raids, and a chance to snag some rare and Shiny Pokemon! consider to buy Pokemon Go accounts, which can give you access to high-level characters, rare Pokémon, and exclusive items, making your birthday bash even more unforgettable.

Bonus Bonanza:

  • Lucky Friend Frenzy: Tired of trading the same Pokemon over and over? The event brings an increased chance of becoming Lucky Friends with your buddies. This special status guarantees a powerful Lucky Pokemon when you trade, with boosted stats and lower Stardust evolution cost. Plus, the likelihood of getting a Lucky Pokemon from any trade is cranked up, making it a fantastic time to swap with friends, old and new!
  • Friendship Fast Forward: Building strong bonds with your fellow trainers just got easier. During the event, all interactions that increase friendship level, like opening gifts, battling together, or simply trading Pokemon, are accelerated. This is the perfect opportunity to solidify your bonds with your raiding crew or finally reach that coveted Best Friend status with your favorite trainer.
  • Gimmighoul Coin Shower: Gimmighoul Coins are a valuable resource for unlocking the mythical Pokemon, Regigigas. This event throws you a coin-collecting curveball! Spinning PokéStops adorned with Golden Lure Modules grants you a higher number of Gimmighoul Coins, giving you a head start on completing the Regi trio.
  • Double Down on Rewards: Catching Pokemon and hatching eggs become even more rewarding during the event. Every catch grants you double the usual XP and Stardust, fueling your trainer progress and allowing you to power up your Pokemon faster.
  • Halfway to Hatching: Whether you’re aiming for a rare starter or that elusive Riolu, egg hatching becomes significantly faster. The event boasts a 50% reduction in egg hatch distances, allowing you to hatch your favorite Pokemon in record time.

Festive Flair:

  • Starter Spotlight: Throughout the week, specific days will showcase increased spawns of starter Pokemon from generations 2 through 7. This is a fantastic opportunity to fill out your Pokedex or stock up on candy to evolve your favorites.
  • Alolan Grimer Glimpse: The elusive Alolan Grimer, a regional variant with a different typing and appearance, will make a rare appearance during the event. Dedicated trainers with a keen eye and a bit of luck might just encounter this unique Pokemon!

Raiding the Rewards:

  • Party Hat Power: Test your battling skills against the adorable party hat versions of the Kanto starters in one-star raids. These raids are perfect for newer trainers to hone their battling skills and snag some festive Pokemon.
  • Ho-Oh’s Heavenly Challenge: The legendary Ho-Oh, a majestic Pokemon with Fire and Flying typing, graces five-star raids. This is an excellent opportunity for experienced trainers to add this powerful Pokemon to their collection and potentially encounter a Shiny Ho-Oh, a truly magnificent addition to any team.
  • Mega Tyranitar’s Might: Mega Raids feature the monstrous Mega Tyranitar, a Rock and Dark-type powerhouse. This challenging raid offers experienced trainers a chance to test their mettle and potentially snag a powerful Mega Stone to evolve their own Tyranitar.

Shiny Spotlight:

  • Mystery Box Magic: The Mystery Box, a special item obtained by connecting Pokemon Go with Pokemon Home, offers a chance encounter with a Shiny Meltan. Open your Mystery Box daily during the event and you might just stumble upon this rare and coveted steel-type Pokemon!

Friendship is Key:

Remember, trainers, the core of Pokemon Go is about friendship and teamwork! Make the most of the event by interacting with your friends daily. This not only helps you build stronger bonds and unlock Lucky Friends but also allows you to work together in raids and conquer challenging gyms.


To maximize your candy gain while catching Pokemon, be sure to stock up on Pinap Berries, especially the Silver Pinap variety. These berries double the amount of candy you receive from a catch, allowing you to evolve your Pokemon faster. Utilize the Special Rend reward from Adventure Sync, if you need a boost to your Pokemon collection, consider checking out Pokemon Go coins for sale online, which can help you purchase the items and resources you need to evolve your team and take your gameplay to the next level. This handy item increases the spawn radius around your avatar, making it easier to find those rare Pokemon you’re after for some starter Pokemon, evolving them during the event might not be.

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